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Congrats 2014 BTOC Chess Tourney Participants

Congrats 2014 BTOC Chess Tourney Participants

Good luck to the following students who will represent BTOC in the system tourney to be held at BTOC on Thurs. Apr. 10th from 4:30-8:30 p.m.

GRADE ONE: Cheyenne M.
GRADE TWO: Vincent Z.
GRADE THREE: Sebastian S.
GRADE FOUR: Patrick W.
GRADE FIVE: Domenic A.

Thank you to their coaches: Mr. Nolan, Mr. Mattachini, and Ms. Ozog

Complete List of 2013 Chess Champions

Congratulations to all our chess champions who represented BTOC so well at the annual Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board Chess Tournament!

Grade 1: Vincent Z.

Grade 2: Aidan H.

Grade 3: Brendan S.

Grade 4: Domenic A.

Grade 5: Ryan M.

Grade 6: Rickey G.

Grade 7: Max S.

Grade 8: Clare E.

And the Grade 1 Chess Champion is...

Congratulations to Vincent in Mrs. Murray-Stanicak's class for winning the Grade 1 chess tournament! Nathan impressively came second!

And the Grade 7 Winner is...

Congratulations to Max in Miss Medeiros' class for winning the tournament for the Grade 7s. Joshua was a very worthy runner up, and Allen placed third.

And the Grade 8 Chess Champion is...

Congratulations to Clare E. in Mr. Friday's class for being our first chess tournament winner! Clare will represent our school at the annual school board chess tournament in May.

The Chess Tournament has started!

More than 100 students have signed up for this year's B.T.O.C. Chess Tournament! Please listen to the morning announcements for when your grade is playing. All games are at lunch recess in Mr. Nolan's classroom. Stay tuned to this page for the names of all the winners! Good Luck!

The Chess Club

The chess club is meeting 2 or 3 days a week at lunch recess either in the Learning Commons, or in Mr. Nolan's classroom. Please listen to morning announcements for your grade's day to join. Students don't have to sign up to join the chess club...just show up when you are available. Anyone can join the chess club from Grades 1 to 8, whether you are a beginner, or a reigning chess champion!

In March, our B.T.O.C. Chess Tournament will begin! Students who enter the tournament must sign up, know how to play, and be committed to play until they are either eliminated, or become the champion for their grade! Stay tuned for more information... If you have any questions, please see Mr. Nolan or Miss Ozog.

Chess Club is up and running

The Chess Club Will be Back!

The Chess Club will return for all interested students on the first week back to school in January! Whether you don't know how to play, but would like to learn, or you are skilled and are already thinking about a rematch at the spring chess tournament, this club is for you! Stay tuned to this page for all the details.