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Spirit Points Program
Spirit Points Program

Spirit Points Program

In order to sustain a learning environment at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta that is dedicated to excellence in Catholic education, school spirit awards have been created for students who apply themselves in and out of the classroom. These two tiered awards, gold and silver, exemplify students’ outstanding contributions to the spirit of Blessed Teresa. These points are awarded to students in Grades 4-8 for curricular and co-curricular success. The school spirit awards will be presented to students in their grade 8 year at the year-end School Success Team assembly. The following criteria applies:
?1200 points earned is awarded the BTOC "gold" spirit award
?800 points earned is awarded the BTOC "silver" spirit award

All students in grades 4-8 will be asked to begin compiling their points soon. They are due before June 29th. In order for their points to be considered, students must hand in the signed Points Sheet. Students will not receive Spirit Points unless they submit a Points Sheet. Points must be submitted in the year in which they were earned. No points will be given for previous year’s activities.