Student Council

STOC Student Council for 2022-2023
student council

Congratulations to our STOC Student Council for 2022 - 2023:

Eco Rep: Asher C
Social Convener/committee: Jada S, Jessica B, Adrian S, and Elsy R
LEAD Recess: Cailee T, Csabika N, Bradley S, and Gabriel G
Grade 6 Rep: Miriam R
Grade 7 Rep: Charles G
Grade 8 Rep: Corinna C
Sports Rep: Natalie W-S
Religious Rep: Domenica T
Treasurer: Sophie D
Secretary: London F and Lyanne S
Vice President: Liam I
President: Angelica K

Congratulations to all our candidates. We look forward to a great school year filled with many exciting clubs, games, and events!